Bella Needs a Home Fast

Diabetic Cats in Need told me about a feline who needs a home quickly. My fellow diabetic cat Bella is in a difficult situation and she needs help. You see, Bella has been living with her humans for quite some time. She also has been living with a canine and another feline, but in a bigger home. Now, this feline and her humans must move to a smaller home.

That would not be much of a problem for most felines, but Bella does not really enjoy other animals. In the larger home, this was not a problem. But in a smaller apartment, Bella will not be able to get away from them and it could be stressful for her.

Diabetic Cat Bella Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Bella Needs a Home

Her humans love Bella, and they are very sad to have to let her go, but they are trying to do what is best for her. They say that Bella, despite not liking other animals, is very loving with humans. She loves to lie on top of her humans, and she becomes a purring machine when she is there. And she likes to talk to people she likes and gives head bonks to them.

Like most diabetic cats, Bella must receive insulin injections twice a day. She gets three units each time, and she does not mind the insulin shots. She does have an issue with scratching her neck excessively from time to time, and there is a cone for her in order to prevent this.

Bella is seven and she has lots of time left with whoever adopts her. She is clearly a very loving cat and she will be a great addition to whatever home she ends up in. She is in the New York area, and it would be best if she found a home in that area to avoid a long trip.

I know you have room in your heart for Bella, but do you have room in your home for her? If you can help my fellow diabetic cat, please contact her humans. And if you cannot take Bella in, please share her story so that someone can.

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