Spirit’s Rescue Ride a Success

Remember the inspiring story of my fellow special needs cat Spirit and his human? They drove all the way from Texas to Cincinnati in order to find homes for many adoptable felines. Spirit’s human did this even though they needed treatment from the humans in white coats.

This was a very successful trip, furiends. Thanks to the efforts of Spirit and his human, 14 felines were able to find homes! Many of the adopters drove a long distance to get to meet the felines they would take home. Some drove through snowstorms to meet Spirit and his human.

Other humans who could not adopt made the journey just to meet Spirit. They wanted to meet a special needs cat who is working very hard to make the world a little better for the felines he can help.

Special Needs Cat Spirit is Happy to Be Home After His Rescue Ride
Special Needs Cat Spirit is Happy to Be Home After His Rescue Ride

Spirit’s human is glad to be home as is their special needs cat. But they are also a little sad to have said goodbye to the 14 felines they sent to good homes. It is understandable. Once a feline comes into a human’s life, even if it is for a short time, the human and feline share a bond. And when that feline leaves to go to a good home, it is difficult for the human to say goodbye.

But it is good that Spirit’s human was able to find homes for these 14 felines. Each of the homes was evaluated carefully, and references were checked out to ensure that the cats went to a good home. Spirit’s human is confident that all of the cats they adopted will go to a home where they are loved and cared for.

I am very proud of what Spirit and his human did. I know that they are tired after their long journey, and very happy to be home. But I am glad that they made the trip to make sure these felines went to a good home!

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  1. As you know we are big supporters of our fellow special needs cats too, and Spirit and his human are a huge inspiration for everyone. Concatulations to the 14 kitties who have found a new home!

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