February 28 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. Koji has been here for about three weeks now, and we definitely have had a few arguments. Jacey is getting taste of her own medicine now, because he plays the ambush game with her. She does not like it. But because Koji is so much bigger than her, she gets very annoyed and upset when he does this.

I Did This With the Human's Hockey Stick
I Did This With the Human’s Hockey Stick

I cannot let her get upset, so I have to step in to let Koji know he cannot do this. We mostly shout at each other. Well, actually, I do most of the shouting. But one time, Koji and I got into a scrap and the human had to use his hockey stick to separate us. After we were separated, I was still growling and angry. I hit the hockey stick many times to get my anger out.

The human is glad that he did not use his arm to separate me and Koji when we were arguing, because it would have been very bad for him!

I do not have as many blood sugar readings this week as we normally have. The human did not have the testing strips he needed in order to examine my blood sugar. It is okay, though. I just got my normal dose at my regular times.

The blood sugar readings we were able to take averaged 196. This is higher than what we saw last week, but it is still below the threshold where dangerous things happen if my glucose stays there for a long time. We are not concerned about this, especially with so few readings this week.

I will tell you all about my blood sugar readings, this time with a full set of readings, next week around this time. I am hopeful that I will also have good news about Koji and how he is settling in!

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