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Diabetic Cats in Need does a lot of good for my fellow felines who are fighting diabetes and their humans. One of the things they do is help with green paper things if there are humans who cannot get enough of these to properly treat their diabetic cat.

They also work to help diabetic cats get out of shelters, where conditions are not good for them. For example, they are working hard to find a foster home for this pretty girl named Abby. Abby, you see, is in a shelter and she is being kept in a cage. For any feline, this would not be good but for a diabetic cat, it is very bad.

Diabetic Cat Abby Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Abby Needs a Home

And this comes after poor Abby was abandoned with a feral colony due to her diabetes. This poor feline gave her love to humans who were supposed to care for her, and they ended up dumping her when she needed help the most.

This is very sad, but fortunately for Abby she was found by Posh Pets Rescue and they are taking care of her. But Diabetic Cats in Need is trying to find a better living situation for her and hopefully she will soon go to a furever home.

In order to do their good work, Diabetic Cats in Need is creating a permanent fund that will allow them to help felines in critical need without having to resort to emergency fundraisers.  Right now, the emergency fundraisers help, but they do not always raise all the green paper things that are needed. That means that Diabetic Cats in Need must dip into their reserves, which is not good.

The Critical Care Fund that Diabetic Cats in Need is establishing will eliminate the need to do emergency fundraisers for all but the most expensive medical conditions.  They may still hold supplemental fundraisers, but these will not be as important with a Critical Care Fund.

Please help this organization that helps so many of my fellow diabetic cats! You can send green paper things to them or if you cannot spare any, please share this.

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