Four Years for a Cat Reunion

When a feline goes missing, it is very difficult for the feline and the human. The feline has to adapt very quickly to being in an unknown environment where noms, water, and medical attention are difficult to find. And the human is naturally very sad that the feline that they love is missing.

As time goes on, it becomes less and less likely there will be a happy cat reunion. That is why the story of a very happy reunion between lost feline and human after four years makes me very happy.

Hemi Was Reunited With His Human After Four Years
Hemi Was Reunited With His Human After Four Years

Hemi went missing when his human, who is a Marine, was deployed. Another human in the home said that Hemi probably went looking for his human and could not find him. After his human returned, the family moved to North Dakota, thousands of miles away from Hemi, who was living in North Carolina.

Fortunately for Hemi, a cat rescue group found him and because he was chipped, the cat rescue group was able to contact Hemi’s human. A happy cat reunion was going to take place when a human’s friend flew to get Hemi, but bad storms made that plan impossible to carry out.

Hemi’s human was not willing to wait. He drove all the way from North Dakota to North Carolina to get Hemi. He did not even think twice about making the very long drive.

Hemi's Happy Cat Reunion
Hemi’s Happy Cat Reunion

Hemi went looking for me. I wanted to return the favor and go get him,” said Hemi’s human. He added that Hemi was like a good friend he could tell anything to. Hemi would listen to his deepest thoughts as he worked through his struggles with post traumatic stress disorder.

At the cat reunion, Hemi’s human said that he looked a little older and wiser. And tougher, too, because Hemi had to survive being outside for four years!

Hemi’s cat reunion will take him to North Dakota, where he will be able to roam around without getting lost. The yard there is big but it is fenced in so that Hemi cannot go too far and get lost again!


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