Diabetic Cat Tigger Needs a Foster

Diabetic Cats in Need does a lot of good things for my fellow diabetic cats. They are looking for help find a foster or furever home for a senior orange and white tabby named Tigger who lives in New Jersey.

Diabetic Cats in Need Is Helping Tigger
Diabetic Cats In Need Is Helping Tigger

The human tells me that his first feline was an orange and white tabby named Tigger, and that when his Tigger left, he went and found me in New Jersey. So I suppose it only makes sense that I share the story of a fellow diabetic cat with that name and from the same place.

Tigger’s human is in school right now, and they are in the United Kingdom. That means they cannot take care of him and make sure he gets the insulin shots he needs. And the mother of Tigger’s human is getting ready to move and they do not think they will have the right living accommodations for Tigger when they move.

They will return from the United Kingdom in late summer, and they will then find a place to live where they can care for Tigger. So they are seeking a foster home for him until they can get back to take care of their diabetic cat.

Tigger’s diabetes is not his only medical condition. He also suffers from arthritis due to an injury he suffered when he was younger. It makes moving around painful sometimes, but he does not let that stop him. He has grown up around canines, but not around other felines so it is unknown how he will do in a home with other cats.

If Tigger cannot find a foster home and can only find a home where he will stay until he leaves us, his human will let him go to a furever home. But they would prefer to reunite with Tigger when they return from their studies.

If you have room in your home for Tigger, please contact his human. And if you cannot bring him into your home, please share his story so that he can get the home he needs!

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