Blood Sugar Readings for April 3

Hello, kind humans. I will share my blood sugar readings for the week with you, but first, I must tell you what Jacey, Koji and I did to the human on April Fool’s day. We decided that the human had gotten enough sleep. So Koji chased Jacey and they both ran on top of the human when they were running around. And I decided to do the same so that I could help my little sisfur.

Three Bengals Playing
Three Bengals Playing

We got into a little scuffle, with a little fur flying, but then when the human came over to break us up, we all looked at him and basically said “April Fool, human!”

The human just sighed and went back to sleep. This is the life of a human with bengal cats in his life!

Now on to my blood sugar readings. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 173, which is much lower than the 218 that we saw last week. The average is below the 200 that we aim for.

What is interesting is that I had a few times where my blood sugar levels were too low for the human to give me insulin. One time, it spiked to a high level, but two times, it did not get too high. This may mean that the noms I am eating areĀ helping keep my blood sugar in check. Some of them were from my good furiend Duke, who sent me noms he did not want to eat.

I am hopeful that my blood sugar levels will stay here, because I do not feel so good when they are too high. And Koji, Jacey and I will continue to do things to drive the human crazy, even though we love him. It is just something we like to do in order to have fun!

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