Three Bengals Bond Over Human

Last night was a sleepless night for the human. Not because he was worried about anything, but because three bengal cats were determined to make sure he did not sleep much.

You know that Jacey and I are good furiends, and that when Koji gets too rough with her, I step in to protect her. Koji has learned that when I start to yowl at him, it is time to back away. And Jacey is starting to tolerate Koji more and more.

Jacey Talking on The Bed
Jacey Talking on The Bed

Last night was a test for all three of us bengal cats and the human. You see, Jacey likes to snuggle with the human when he is sleeping. And while I do not snuggle with the human, I like to sleep by his head. The human would often wake up with Jacey by his right side and with me off to the left of his head.

Koji also likes to sleep on the bed. You can often find him there, and he likes to nestle against the human as well.

This has resulted in some growling and arguing between Jacey and Koji. Usually, it ends with Jacey going under the bed so that Koji cannot bother her. But last night, Jacey was determined to snuggle with the human.

That meant that when Koji hopped onto the bottom of the bed, by the human’s feet, she was not moving. And she told Koji to stay away by growling at him. That woke the human up, and it also brought me to the bed to protect Jacey. So the human was trapped between three bengal cats who were growling and yowling at each other.

Eventually, Koji solved the problem by turning his head away from Jacey and me. The human was then able to sleep for a while. But when Koji woke up and stretched, he woke up both Jacey and me and that started the cycle again.

I have often joked that we three bengal cats make a very good furry alarm clock. Well, last night, that alarm went off many times and the human was not happy about it!

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