Feline Lives in Shelter for 21 Years

Furiends, when felines go to a shelter, it is so that the cat rescue group that runs the shelter can find them a furever home. For one cat, it turned out that the cat rescue facility may well be her furever home.

Tilly Has Been With a Cat Rescue Group for 21 Years
Tilly Has Been With a Cat Rescue Group for 21 Years

Say hello to Tilly. She has lived an amazing 24 years, and 21 of those have been in a shelter environment. Tilly, you see, arrived at the West Midlands Animal Welfare shelter back in 1995. When she arrived at this cat rescue facility in England, it was because she had given birth to a litter of kittens.

Tilly with the Human Who Runs the Cat Rescue Group
Tilly with the Human Who Runs the Cat Rescue Group

Tilly’s kittens found homes, but she remained at the shelter. According to the human who runs the cat rescue, this was in large part because of Tilly’s personality. “It was probably her personality that meant nobody ever wanted to adopt her. She can be a bit stroppy and would occasionally snap at people, but not anymore,” said this human.

While Tilly may be difficult with humans, with other felines, she is very welcoming. “There have been times when we’ve had paralysed and blind cats come into our rescue centre and Tilly has really taken them under her wing – we kept finding them asleep with Tilly looking after them,” said the human running the shelter.

Tilly may be older, but she’s still in good health. She has only had minor health problems, and because the shelter will not put down any healthy animals, Tilly has remained with them for 21 years.

I do not know if the attention Tilly is getting will result in someone wanting to adopt her. At this point, however, I would say that the shelter is her furever home. I do not think that she would appreciate being taken to a new place after being there for so long.

And with Tilly helping many felines who arrive at this cat rescue facility, I think it would be helpful for them as well if she spent the rest of her days there.

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