Today is National Tabby Cat Day

Furiends, if you look at my coat pattern, you know I am definitely not a tabby cat. Those who look at Jacey and Koji may say that they have a tabby pattern, but because they are bengal cats like me, their pattern is very different than a typical tabby cat.

A Good Looking Tabby Cat
A Good Looking Tabby Cat

But that does not mean we do not want to help our fellow felines who are tabbies get some attention. And with today being National Tabby Cat day, it is a good day for them.

There are many tabby cats, but among the more famous of them are Morris the Cat, Garfield, Lil Bub, and Thomas O’Malley from the movie the Aristocats. ¬†The tabby cat pattern comes from the African wild cat, and it is a pattern that helps these wild felines hide in the sandy desert that is their home.

In New York City, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals¬†is definitely helping celebrate this day. They are holding a book signing and cat adoption event, where many tabby cats, and cats with other patterns, will be available to take to their furever homes.

Author Sandy Robins and photographer Paul Smulson will be signing copies of the book Making the Most of All Nine Lives: The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat. It features the life of Buffy, who traded in hair balls for golf balls and many other things along his life’s journey.

I am hopeful that at this event, many books get purchased and signed and that many of my fellow felines, whether they are tabby cats or not, get homes. I am glad that the mayor’s office of a big city like New York City is helping to get National Tabby Cat day going.

This Feline is Celebrating National Tabby Cat Day
This Feline is Celebrating National Tabby Cat Day

If it helps find homes for my fellow felines, I am all for it. I hope you will join me in celebrating National Tabby Cat Day!

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  1. Thanks for promoting National Tabby Day! One correction: In spite of our name and although we work with New York City’s municipal animal shelter system, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and not a government agency. We receive no public funding and are not directed by City officials.

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