May 8 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, everyone. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings. But before I do that, I should tell you about how funny my brofur Koji is. You know that the human is trying to teach him to walk on a harness, and that the human takes him in to work with him.

Koji does not mind getting into the carrier in the morning, when he goes to work with the human. But what he does in the afternoon is even more amusing.

Koji Does not Mind Being in One of These
Koji Does not Mind Being in One of These

He has learned to recognize what the human does when he is getting ready to head back home. And you know what Koji does? He will see the human doing those things, and then he will run into the carrier and hop in, all while talking to the human!

When the human told me about this, I asked Koji about it, and Koji just shrugged and said he likes going home. He says that he does not mind going to work with the human because he gets to spend more time with the human. But he enjoys being at home more.

Moving along to my blood sugar readings, for this week, they were slightly higher than they were last week. My blood sugar levels averaged 226 this week, which is slightly higher than the 217 we saw last week.

We seem to have settled into a blood sugar range that is higher than what the human and I would like to see, but not so high that we are at risk of seeing complications over the long term. This is not a bad place to be in, furiends.

This also shows how monitoring and managing as best as possible blood sugar levels for a diabetic cat are a challenge for even the most focused humans. I am glad I have a dedicated human, but I know that my blood sugar readings sometimes frustrate him. Hopefully they will be better next week.

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