Diabetic Cats In Need Needs Help

Diabetic Cats in Need does a tremendous amount of work for my fellow diabetic cats and their humans. In the past month, the expenses for helping all of these felines have gotten very high.

You will remember that they helped my fellow diabetic cat Thomas. That, furiends, required many green paper things. And then when you add up all of the little things they do, whether it’s insulin for a human who cannot pay for it, testing strips for another human, it becomes a big number.

Help Diabetic Cats in Need Get Green Paper Things
Help Diabetic Cats in Need Get Green Paper Things

And that is why Diabetic Cats in Need is the one who needs help now. They need many green paper things in order to be able to help as many humans who cannot care for their diabetic cat without help. Furiends, I am fortunate to have a human who can do this. Many humans are not in the same situation, and they must turn to organizations like Diabetic Cats in Need to care for their feline.

This is why Diabetic Cats in Need has launched their first ever Purrathon. Why a Purrathon? Because that is the sound all my fellow diabetic cats make when they are able to get the care they need thanks to Diabetic Cats in Need.

This wonderful organization has set a goal of $2,000 over the next week or so. That may sound like a lot of green paper things, and it is! But if lots of people give just a little, that will add up to a lot. And that will help Diabetic Cats in Need continue their mission to help diabetic cats and their humans.

Furiends, please give as many green paper things as you can, even if you can only spare a few. And please share the Purrathon, so that others who may have more to give can do that.

If this Purrathon is successful, many diabetic cats will be helped. And that will make all of us purr happily!

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