Scooter Gets a Second Chance

I am always happy when a feline finds a good home. Jacey, Koji, and I are all lucky that we did not have any problems finding one. We found one right away. Some felines are not as fortunate and must endure a lot before someone takes them in. Often, cat rescue groups must step in before that happens.

That is what happened to Scooter. This poor feline had to endure a lot before finding a home. You see, when Scooter was a tiny feline, some evil and cruel human decided to shoot him with a pellet gun. This is a horrible thing to do. Animal abuse is never something that should be tolerated. It should be punished by the human committing that act being locked in a cage where my big feline cousins can swat and bite them as they please!

Special Needs Cat Scooter Found a Home
Special Needs Cat Scooter Found a Home

This pellet caused some problems for Scooter. He could not walk normally, and he had some issues using the litter box. But the kind humans at San Diego Humane Society worked hard to help him with his problems. The humans who worked in cat rescue there all loved Scooter because of his loving nature and fighting spirit.

Many humans visited the cat rescue facility there, and saw Scooter. But many of them decided that they could not handle treating his medical conditions, and so Scooter patiently waited for the right humans to come along. Do not think that he did not enjoy his time with the cat rescue humans. He did, but it is always more fun to live in a place you can call your own.

One day, the right family came along, and they decided to adopt Scooter. They talked to the humans in white coats about his condition and what it would require to treat. And they decided that they would work with Scooter so that they could take him home.

Now, Scooter is a happy feline in a home of his own where his humans love him very much and he returns that love. He has come a long way from having to endure evil humans abusing him, and I am glad his cat rescue story had such a happy ending!

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