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One of the things you humans probably have noticed about us felines is that we love to groom ourselves. If the human is typical, you humans only get into that place where water streams hit you once a day. And that means you groom yourself a lot less than we felines do.

The kind humans at Catster recently wrote about cats and grooming, and I wanted to share some of that with you.

A Cat Grooming Itself
A Cat Grooming Itself

First, we felines use three tools to do our grooming. You are very familiar with us using our tongues to groom ourselves, and you have probably even been on the receiving end of sandpaper kisses from them.

But we use more than just our tongues to do this. We also use our front paws, and our teeth. We lick our front paws to wet them, and use them to wipe across parts of our body that we cannot reach with our tongues. And then we use our teeth to remove things that we cannot get to with our tongues, such as mats or things that have gotten deep into our fur.

We also use our teeth to remove dull parts of our nails, so that we always have sharp claws when we must swat you humans for being difficult.

Now, the first reason why we do this is obvious. We do it so that we are clean. It is like our version of the human getting into that box where the streams of water hit him. But there are other reasons why we groom as well.

Grooming also helps us spread the natural oils secreted by our skin around our entire body, which helps keep our fur healthy. These oils keep us from getting too cold or too wet!

Cats Doing This Means They are Furiends
Cats Doing This Means They are Furiends

You may also have seen us grooming other felines, or possibly canines or humans. We only groom animals that we are furiends with. It is a way to help our furiends groom parts of their body they cannot reach. I like to help the human with the back of his elbow, and then his nose but if he does not pay attention to me when I do it, I bite him to remind him I am there!

And sometimes, we groom ourselves to make ourselves feel better. It is like when the human lets out angry words very loudly after he hurts himself. That makes him feel better, and we groom ourselves to do the same thing.

Grooming is an every day cat behavior, but there is a lot more to it than you would think. I am glad I was able to help you understand it better!

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