Jacey Tells You How She is Doing

Hello, everyone. It is Jacey. Bagheera is letting me talk to you today so that I can tell you how I am doing. I know that many of you were concerned when I got ear mites and had to endure ear drops twice a day. Then there was something that happened to the fur around my eyes, and I had to make a second visit to the white coated humans to get that looked at. The human had to apply an antibiotic ointment to my wound twice daily for ten days.

I do not have to tell you that I did not like this. Oh, I tolerated it, like Bagheera tolerates his insulin shots and blood sugar testing. But I did not like it. But the good news is, all of this has made things get better.

When I went to visit the humans in white coats to have the fur under my eye looked at, they looked into my ears. The ear mites are gone, and the topical medication I got will help keep them away.

Jacey Is Doing Much Better
Jacey Is Doing Much Better

And the open wound around my eye is much better as well. It healed on its own quite well, and the ointment helped keep it from getting infected. I did not like the application, but I am grateful for the results.

I know that some of you have said I have had a tough month. It has not been fun, that is for sure. But Bagheera and the human have made sure that I was as comfortable as I could be during this month. Koji? Well, not so much, but he is starting to respect my boundaries more.

This morning, Koji came to the bathroom door and talked. I walked over and sniffed under the door, and did not growl or hiss at him. The human thinks this is a good sign. It will remain to be seen if Koji will learn to not play so rough with me because if he can, then I will tolerate him and may even become his furiend!

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