Meet Sasha from Tenth Life

It has been a while since I shared a story from Tenth Life with you. They do so much to help felines in the St. Louis area and they take on difficult cases that many cat rescue groups cannot. Their most famous alumni is my good furiend Lincoln. He is how I came to know about this cat rescue group.

They shared a story of a feline named Sasha, and I wanted to tell you more about her. Sasha, you see, had a very sad story. She clearly was part of a home, because she had been front paw declawed (THIS IS EVIL AND SHOULD NOT BE DONE) and had already been spayed. But she was found abandoned on the streets.

To make things even worse, the evil humans who dumped her after declawing her did not have the surgery done right, because complications from it were causing her pain. Imagine poor Sasha, being dumped on the street and suffering from the butchering the evil humans who were supposed to care for her inflicted on her.

Fortunately, when Tenth Life took Sasha in, they took her to the humans in white coats, where paw repair surgery was done to help Sasha regain the use of her paws. The surgery was successful, and Sasha now uses her paws to reach out to touch her humans and to demand pets.

Tenth Life Is Looking for a Home for Sasha
Tenth Life Is Looking for a Home for Sasha

Now, Sasha is looking for a good home. She is fortunate that she has come this far, thanks to the dedication of a wonderful cat rescue group and their foster volunteers. All that is needed is one last step and the cat rescue story will be complete.

Are you the one who will take sweet Sasha home? If you are, please contact Tenth Life. And if you cannot take her home, please share her story so that many humans will see it and someone will.

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  1. OMG OMG OMG how can anyone do this horrible thing to a sweet baby???? I hope they will get their fingers clipped as soon as possible!!! It´s so inhuman and then to put the poor baby out on the street! My mind make really nasty thoughts at the moment!!!! Sweet baby, really hope she´ll get a good home soonest!!! Thank God she got help with her poor paws! <3 Sharing this absolutely! <3

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