Koji is Getting Better

Hello, furiends. I know the last time I told you about Koji, he failed a test when he decided to pursue Jacey across the room and the human had to step in to keep him away from Jacey. Everyone was unhappy about that, including Koji.

It seems like the time Koji is spending at the human’s work is helping him learn how to behave with us more. Two things make the human, Jacey, and me hopeful that his behavior is getting better.

First, this morning, he hid by the cabinets where I could not see him. I was walking over, and while Koji ambushed me, he did not actually jump on me. Instead, he hopped out to startle me and when I hissed at him with my ears back, he backed off.

Then, the human knew that Koji was under the bed so he decided to do an experiment. He let Jacey out of the bathroom, and let her wander through the apartment. Jacey went outside on the balcony, and Koji left her alone for a while.

After a few minutes, Koji came wandering out, and when Jacey growled and hissed at him and ran away, Koji did not chase her! He stayed right there on the balcony, and did not not even move.

The human was very happy about this. It seems like being around a lot of other felines at the human’s work is teaching Koji how to interact properly with other felines.

We will continue to experiment with Koji over the next week to see if we can get him to properly behave around Jacey. The human tells me that he is interacting much more nicely with some of the smaller female felines he goes to see in the morning, so hopefully, he will do that with Jacey as well.

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2 Replies to “Koji is Getting Better”

  1. Wonderful to hear things are getting better for Koji and Jacey, it is frustrating for everyone when kitties don’t get along. We have had a similar issue in our house with Kaspars not being happy when Clove joined our family 2 years ago. It has gotten better as long as everyone has their own space and sees that they are getting equal attention, but some days a spat will ensue as the whappy paws come out and growls are heard. Time does help as does all your human is doing to help Koji learn to interact with the ladycats. You must keep Jacey happy- it’s not easy being the only lady amongst the boys. When the lady of the house ain’t happy, no one is!

    1. I think going to work with the human is helping Koji. He has learned that some felines do not want to play with him, and while sometimes there are arguments with fur flying, he has learned he has to back off sometimes.

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