Cats Protect Grain at Brewery

The human tells me that many of you like to drink this thing called beer. I do not know why you do this, because I have seen the human get even more clumsy and move even more slowly when he drinks it. And I have stuck my nose into a glass of it and drank some, but I did not like it.

But apparently, it is something many humans like. And some of the things that are used to create it are things that rodents like to eat. We felines first came to you humans when we realized that there were rodents around things you humans use as noms, and you liked having us around to protect your food.

So it is not surprising that a brewery in Chicago decided to bring felines in to help it deal with a problem with rodents nomming on its grain. Empirical Brewery brought in four felines to deal with the rodents after its head brewer said they were tired of dealing with the problem of holes in the bags of grain. The cats were brought in by Tree House Humane Society, which has a working cats program.

Venkman is One of Four Working Cats at Empirical Brewery
Venkman is One of Four Working Cats at Empirical Brewery

These working catsĀ are named after characters from the movie Ghostbusters. There is Venkman, Raymond, Egon, and Gozer. And these felines are helping the brewery save money. You see, despite bringing a human exterminator to the brewery on a regular basis, the brewery still had to throw away bags of grain with holes in them.

But now that these working catsĀ are on the prowl at the brewery, the rodent problem has gone away. Rodents can detect the scent of a cat, and the smart ones move away. If they do not, well, millions of years of evolution have made us felines perfect killing machines for the prey we consume, and rodents are part of that.

Three of the Working Cats at Empirical Brewery
Three of the Working Cats at Empirical Brewery

I am glad these four felines are part of the working cats program, which has found places for nearly 400 cats to help humans deal with problems like this!

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