Cat Colony in New Jersey Needs Help

Unlike my good furiend Lucky, who has lived both inside and outside, I have never had to live exposed to the elements. I did not know that there are many felines who have to live outside until I heard about Lucky, and then I asked the human about this. I was shocked to learn how fortunate I am to have always lived inside. I am glad I was never a feral cat!

A Member of The Seaside Heights Feral Cat Colony
A Member of The Seaside Heights Feral Cat Colony

For some feral cats, life is a little easier because they are part of an active trap, neuter, and return program where kind humans take care of the colony. And that is what a feral cat colony in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, got to enjoy until the human in charge of the borough decided that he would end the trap, neuter, and return program.

I do not know why these humans decided to end ties with the cat rescue group that was helping this feral cat colony. The organization was given no notice, and the only comment given by the humans in charge of the city was that there were some “attitude” problems that developed. This is puzzling, since the program cost the borough nothing!

The borough has said that all of the felines will be fed and taken care of, but they are also talking about relocating the felines. This is not good, furiends. A feral cat colony that is used to living in a certain area will not take kindly to a move, and will likely attempt to return to the place where they have lived!

Complicating things is that a supposed animal welfare organization, PETA, has said that these feline would be “better off dead.” They are pushing for the euthanasia of the entire feral cat colony, furiends. These are not humans who are animal welfare advocates and they deserve to be locked in cages where many felines of all sizes can swat and bite them!

Furiends, it is easy for you to help this feral cat colony. All you have to do is sign a petition. Let the borough management know that these felines need to be taken care of and that their current caretakers should be the ones to do it!

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