Separation Anxiety in Cats

Koji being very nervous and worried when the human went away for a few days reminded me of something. Humans are aware of separation anxiety in canines, but you are not as aware of it in felines. That is likely because it disturbs the neighbors less and because it is not as common, but it does occur!

You see, felines like me, Jacey, and Koji are tightly bonded to the human. We love him, even though we think he is clumsy and that he often needs to be kept in line with swats and bites. But that does not mean that we do not miss him when he goes away. Cats like us, who are tightly bonded to their humans, can suffer from separation anxiety.

Sometimes, separation anxiety results in felines going outside of the litter box, especially on things that smell like the human they miss. It also can result in felines not eating, vomiting, destructive clawing, excessive self grooming, and loud talking.

The first thing humans should do if they suspect their feline is suffering from separation anxiety is to visit the humans in white coats. Eliminate any potential diseases or illnesses first, and then look to address separation anxiety.

Separation Anxiety: A Cat Missing Their Human
A Cat Missing Their Human

If your feline is suffering from separation anxiety, there are some things you can do to fix it. First, make sure they have plenty of things to do when you are away. Cat trees, where they can play and relax, are good things to have. Making the environment more secure helps, too.

Another thing humans can do is to interact with their felines in a way that inspires confidence. Do not give us treats when we meow loudly. Instead, come to us when we are quiet and show us some love. Also, reward us when we do something to entertain ourselves so that we learn this is behavior you like.

These are a few techniques that you humans can use to help us reduce separation anxiety. There are others you can try, too.

But the best way to solve this problem? Come back to us! After all, you love us felines and we love you, so being with us should be fun!

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