Cat Demands to Be Adopted

It is often said that we felines choose our humans as much as our humans choose us. The human tells me that his first feline selected him by touching him on the nose when he was peeking at his cage. Then I chose him by demanding attention and pets when he came to visit me. Marley chose him by flopping over and being very submissive to him. And Koji chose him by only really interacting with the human.

Lilah Bean
Lilah Bean

But furiends, this is nothing compared to a feline named Lilah Bean. You see, Lilah Bean had come into a shelter suffering from the calici virus. She recovered, but she was never really feeling well so she missed the adoption times. Sadly, she spent her time in the medical room, crying out for attention.

Lilah Bean was spayed at seven months, and a kind human took her in as a foster. She became a foster failure, because her foster humans gave in to her demands to take her in and give her a good home.

Lilah Bean was not without her problems. She had come in with gingivitis, and then it progressed to stomatitis. Poor Lilah Bean had a hard time nomming, but she continued to be a very loving and very talkative cat.

Seeking help, her humans took her to very specially trained humans in white coats. They said her condition was very bad and would require extensive treatment. Her human did not hesitate, and gave the okay for the treatment to begin. And it worked. While Lilah Bean does not have teeth due to her diseases, and her tongue always hangs out, she noms more than any other feline in the home.

Sadly, she developed asthma, and now needs to be treated with an inhaler twice a day. So this poor feline has been through a lot in her short life.

But her human does not mind. They are glad to have her in their home. And they can still think of the first day they met her, when she was meowing very loudly as if to say “here I am! Adopt me!”

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  1. Our feral did also choose us! He came here and demanded to be adopted by us, so we started feeding him and suddenly he moved in, doesn´t go along with our other 2 boys so we are haveing problems with that still. Have got some remedy drops for them and now sent for bully drops to him and bullied drops for the other two :)! He now lives in our cellar and our two upstairs.

  2. My angel Phoebe chose me 13 years ago at our local rescue when she jumped in my lap while I visited the cattery. She was a special needs cat who suffered from a rare auto immune disease that caused her to develop many health conditions. Like Lilah Bean, she had her teeth removed due to stomatitis and had asthma which we treated with pills and an inhaler. The eleven and a half years with her were an emotional roller coaster emotionally and financially, but I would not trade them for anything. I am eternally grateful she demanded to come home with me, no one has taught me more about life or myself than she did. Because of her I accomplished things and met wonderful people I never would have had she not been in my life. Every fur baby is special, unique yet there is something about the ones who tell you how it is going to be- perhaps they have some knowledge about what we need at that time of our life, it is fate? I believe this to be so.

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