Micochips Help Cats Get Home

Furiends, with the Fourth of July coming up, it is important to remind you that we felines do not like the loud noises that we hear. Do not leave your felines outside when there are fireworks. We may run away, and then you will be spending a lot of time looking for us.

Animal welfare organizations get lots of calls about lost pets on the day after the Fourth of July. According to San Diego Humane Society, “there is typically a spike in the number of stray animals that we receive the day after a big holiday, like the 4th of July.”

A Microchip can Help Get your Pet Home

One thing you can do to help in case your feline or canine gets lost is to get us microchipped. That is the one thing the human has not done with me. Jacey and Koji are microchipped, but I am not. And the human keeps saying he will do it, but he gets busy and forgets.

It would be next to impossible for me to truly escape, because we live in an apartment complex where I cannot get to the stairs. But it still would be best to have me microchipped. I will swat the human until he does it.

A Small Microchip Can Be a Lifesaver
A Small Microchip Can Be a Lifesaver

Getting a feline or canine a microchip definitely helps in reuniting them with their humans if they get lost. Only around a quarter of canines who go missing are reunited with their humans if they do not have a microchip. The reunion rate doubles for those with microchips, with around half of them going home.

For felines, it is even worse. Without a microchip, very few felines (two percent) end up home. For those of us who have them, the reunion rate jumps to 38 percent.

This is why it is important to get your feline or canine microchipped. I will bug the human about this, because he even had a chance to get it done for free!

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