Jacey and Koji Get Along Better

Furiends, you know that in my home, we are separating Jacey and Koji when we can not supervise their interactions. This is to keep things from getting out of hand when Koji’s very playful nature causes him to get too rough with Jacey. He does not mean to hurt little Jacey. He just does not know that he is playing too rough.

This is something that Koji does with everyone, including the human! Koji wanted to play with the human a few days ago, and pounced on his leg. He drew a little blood, because he forgot that human skin is not as tough as feline skin and humans do not have fur to protect their skin. Then, he hopped on the human’s lap and all his weight hit a very sensitive spot.

The human was not happy about this, but Koji did not intend to hurt him. That is why the human did not get too mad at Koji.

Jacey Turned the Shower Door Into a Catwalk
Jacey Turned the Shower Door Into a Catwalk

Jacey still does not like it when Koji goes into the bathroom, which she has claimed as her safe area. She will growl at him if she sees him and looks to get to a place up high. That way, she can see if Koji is coming and avoid him.

Koji used to ignore these warnings from Jacey, because he wanted to play. He would then go pounce on her, and she would rabbit kick him. The human and I would have to go get involved to get Koji out of the bathroom.

Koji seems to have learned that when Jacey growls at him, he needs to go away. The human will go into the room, and point out the door. Koji generally heads out the door when this happens. Sometimes, he does not do this quickly enough to make the human happy. When that occurs, the human picks up Koji and moves him out of the bathroom.

I am hopeful this means that Koji is learning to respect Jacey’s boundaries. If that happens, then hopefully Jacey will not have to spend most of her time in the bathroom!

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