Adopted Canine Helps Feral Felines

You humans have a saying, fighting like cats and dogs. Sometimes, we felines and canines do fight but more often than not, we are furiends. Only a 60 pound canine liked Koji in the last home he lived because he is so rambunctious.

A canine in Athens, Greece shows this is true. They adopted a canine three and a half years ago and started feeding the stray cats in the neighborhood. Soon, many felines became furiends with the canine, who is named Meli.

One of the felines even started following Meli around whenever she was out on a walk. When that feline became sick, Meli’s humans took her in and now she is part of their family.

Meli Giving Nose Rubs to One of Her Clowder Members
Meli Giving Nose Rubs to One of Her Clowder Members

The clowder of felines that are furiends with Meli quickly grew to 30 felines. If all Meli’s humans did was feed these felines, it would be a big task. But what they do is even better, because they also have these felines spayed and neutered. This helps keep the population of feral felines down.

Many of these felines are feral and they initially do not like humans. Meli helps them get over their fear of you two legged creatures. Because she does this, many of them have been able to adapt to a life inside and get adopted.

Meli and her humans have the approval of most of their neighbors. They “are understanding and accept our love for the animals and our need to care for them,” said one of Meli’s humans. And the felines love Meli. When she arrives, they will come running to her. She greets them all with a nose rub and they love her.

Hopefully, Meli does not greet them with licks from her sloppy, wet tongue. That is one thing canines do that annoys me. Why can’t they control their tongues like we felines can? But regardless, I am very happy to see a canine who helps us felines!

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