Cat Brings Kitten to Kind Human

You humans have a saying that not only do you choose your feline, but we felines choose our humans. And once we felines learn we can trust a human, we do it completely.

A kind human saw a homeless feline in their neighborhood. They wanted to help this feline, so they started to put noms out for the feline to consume. The feline, thinking they had found a human that would help them, came back the next day to see if there would be more noms. This became a daily routine, and human and feline developed a trusting bond.

This Feline Built Trust With a Human Over Noms
This Feline Built Trust With a Human Over Noms

The human thought this would be the extent of their bond. One day, though, the feline showed the human how much they trusted them. This feline brought her tiny feline with her, wanting the human to care for them. The human quickly learned why.

Milo, as this tiny feline has been named, had hurt his leg. And after learning she could trust the human who gave her noms, his mother trusted this human with his care.

Milo went to the humans in white coats. After examining him, the white coated humans learned he had a fractured tibia and fibula. To recover, Milo had to have his leg put in a cast for weeks. Because of this, Milo needed to stay with the human and could not go back with his mother when she left the human’s home.

His mother did not mind this. She came by to visit Milo to make sure he was okay, but she did not want to live with the human. Milo did, and now he lives inside with his human.

Milo With His Mother During One of Her Visits
Milo With His Mother During One of Her Visits

Milo’s mother comes by to get noms and to visit with him and his human, but she leaves afterwards. Milo’s human thinks she is used to living outside and does not want to live in a home indoors.

This is a very happy story, furiends. It started with a feline getting noms. Then a feline who needed help got it. And the first feline knows where to come for noms and help.

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