Thomas Jefferson Survives Cat Rescue

When felines get stuck, usually firefighters do not help free them. Fortunately for a feline named Thomas Jefferson, Nashville firefighters made an exception for him. His cat rescue happened on a very fitting day — election day!

Thomas Jefferson recently came home with his human and they would spend time together on the roof. When his human went to work on Tuesday, he did not see Thomas Jefferson. But he figured that his feline, like we enjoy doing, found a new place to hide.

Thomas Jefferson definitely had found a new place to hide but it was not one he wanted. He climbed into a drain pipe before sliding down approximately 30 feet and getting caught. Humans working in the building heard his meows for help. And then they went to investigate.

When they located Thomas Jefferson, they could “see the two little glowing eyes in the pipe.” Thomas Jefferson was trapped because the pipe “was crushed around him and he was in there sideways.”

Thomas Jefferson after His Cat Rescue
Thomas Jefferson after His Cat Rescue

The humans who found Thomas Jefferson called the firefighters. When they arrived on the scene, they started to work right away. They used special tools to cut out the section of the pipe where Thomas Jefferson was trapped. And then they called Thomas Jefferson’s human to let him know the cat rescue was underway.

Once the firefighters freed Thomas Jefferson, his human took him back home. “He definitely wanted to get dry, and he wanted to clean himself and go inside in the worst way.”

Jefferson did not have to go to the humans in white coats after his ordeal. But I am sure that he did not like it and he may decide to stay inside next time! Let’s hope he stays safe!

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