Cat Rescued from Water Tower

We felines are known for getting into places where we do not belong. Usually when we do this, the only thing that happens is we have a frustrated human. But sometimes, we get ourselves into situations that are very dangerous. One feline in LaSalle, Colorado, did just that.

This feline wandered onto a water tower which had been modified to hold cellular equipment. And even though the feline got stuck 85 feet in the air, humans on the ground could easily hear the cries of distress.

Firefighters arrived on the scene, and they immediately assessed the situation to determine how best to carry out the cat rescue. They knew they needed help, so a specialized training company got the call.

A Human Carrying Out a Cat Rescue 85 Feet in the Air
A Human Carrying Out a Cat Rescue 85 Feet in the Air

After evaluating the situation, two firefighters started the climb to the top of the water tower. Next, firefighters on the ground moved a carrier up to where the rescuers and feline were. And finally, the firefighters managed to get the feline into the carrier.

About 20 humans gathered to watch the cat rescue. When they saw the feline in the carrier, they all cheered. And when the feline was safe on the ground, they cheered again.

The humans carrying out the cat rescue were amazed that a tiny feline was able to climb so high. “It’s an itty bitty cat” and they did not know “how in the world it got up there,” they said.

But he, along with the other humans carrying out the cat rescue, were very happy that they had saved the feline.

After the cat rescue, the tiny feline, who still has not been named, headed to the humans in white coats. The white coated humans will treat the feline for any medical problems. Then the feline will go to a home where the only tower it climbs is a cat tower!

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