Sad Shelter Cat Blossoms in Just One Hour

Cat rescue organizations take in all kinds of felines. Sometimes, these felines are ones with sad stories. But all it turn that into a happy story is a kind human who decides to adopt that feline.

Ben Ben arrived at a cat rescue facility suffering from a crushed spine, several deep wounds, and a cauliflower ear. Life on the streets had been tough for Ben Ben. The humans in white coats treated Ben Ben for his conditions. He had trouble walking, and his medical conditions were going to be a challenge. Kind humans adopted Ben Ben despite this, and he thought he was going to a furever home.

But the medical conditions were too much for the humans who adopted Ben Ben. He went back to the cat rescue facility.¬†After arriving there, Ben Ben’s medical conditions and his return made the cat rescue facility consider euthanasia.

Ben Ben Was Very Sad at the Cat Rescue Facility
Ben Ben Was Very Sad at the Cat Rescue Facility

Ben Ben was very sad when he was in the shelter. He would not eat, drink, or move. It was like he knew his time was up and he had given up. But kind humans learned about him, and they decided they would give him one more chance.

And when Ben Ben was adopted and left the cat rescue facility, his attitude changed right away. He got to his furever home, and things got even better. Within an hour, Ben Ben wanted to explore his new home.

Ben Ben even defied the predictions of the humans in white coats, who said he would have trouble walking. He now walks around the entire house. He can even run and jump short distances. Ben Ben is not as nimble as Jacey, Koji, or me, but that does not matter. He is able to do what he needs to do to enjoy his life.

A Very Happy Ben Ben in His Furever Home
A Very Happy Ben Ben in His Furever Home

Ben Ben is definitely enjoying his life now. He still has a sad looking face. But he blossomed in his new home. When humans see his pictures from the cat rescue facility, they cannot believe it is the same feline!

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