A Visit to The Humans in White Coats

Hello, furiends. Yesterday, the human came back at a time he normally is not around. Koji and I were confused for a minute. But then he put me in the carrier, and I knew that I was going for a little trip. Koji thought it may have meant that I was going to go to The Cat Cafe and he was a little jealous.

Well, Koji had nothing to be jealous about, because I ended up going to the humans in white coats. I did not like this! I was not feeling bad, so I was annoyed at the human for taking me there.

The human tells me that I have to go there once a year, so that the humans in white coats can tell if there is anything wrong with me. And he also says that it is very important that all felines go to the white coated humans annually, not just when they are sick.

I do not like this. I know the humans in white coats are not trying to hurt me, but I still do not like it. Just the ear sticks the human gives me to test my blood sugar annoy me. And the white coated humans draw a lot more blood.

I Did Not Like Visiting The Humans in White Coats
I Did Not Like Visiting The Humans in White Coats

The human and the white coated humans talked for a while about me. They talked about my diabetes and my blood sugar levels. Then they talked about my battle with pancreatitis. And then the exam began. I did not mind this too much, because the human was right there and petting me the whole time.

The part I hated was when they took me into another room without the human to draw my blood. The white coated human needed two technicians to help. They completed the blood draw, and will test my blood. And then the white coated human will talk to my human about it.

I was not too angry at the human, so I did not swat him. But he should know I do not like going to the humans in white coats!

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3 Replies to “A Visit to The Humans in White Coats”

  1. Bagheera, I know you do not like going to the humans in the white coats, but maybe they can bring your blood sugar level back down. You know your human loves you and he wants you be be healthy. I hope your blood sugar comes back down and that all the other tests are normal. Happy Holidays to all of you.

    1. Yes, the white coated human suggested that the human give me a slightly higher dose of insulin. One of the readings from my blood test showed fair control of my glucose levels. We want it to be good control!

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