Conductor Saves Freezing Cat

When you humans go to work, you do many things. I do not think that a conductor who went to work one day expect to perform a cat rescue. But that is exactly what happened on a cold day in Alberta.

It was a very cold day when one conductor showed up for work. His train was delayed, and to keep himself occupied, he went outside in the bitter cold to do an inspection. Little did he know that this inspection would result in a cat rescue and that he would have a friend for life!

He shined his flashlight onto a train engine, and he heard “the angriest, saddest cat cry.” Fearing the worst, he looked for the source of the cry. And he saw “this little cat underneath the second engine above the wheels on a platform, frozen in snow and ice.”

The conductor knew that to have a chance to successfully carry out a cat rescue, he needed to move the cat to somewhere warm. He took the cat inside the train and warmed it up with a t-shirt. At first, the cat sat there with its eyes wide open, but it made no sound. Trying to help the feline, the conductor provided him with noms and water, which he quickly consumed.

Q199 Was Saved by a Kind Human
This Human Saved a Freezing Q199

The feline, who has been named Q199 for the train he was on, warmed up inside. And he also warmed up to the human who saved him. Q199 seemed to know “how close it had been to dying and knew exactly which human had saved it.”

The humans in white coats examined the feline. They determined that despite frostbite that caused the feline to lose part of his ear, he was healthy. Q199 was missing part of his ear due to frostbite and he also was missing a tooth. And he may lose part of the other ear. But after his ordeal, this is not too bad.

This cat rescue happened because a kind human decided he could not let a feline suffer in the cold. He save the feline, and now he has a furiend for life!

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