Cats Go To Prison and Help Inmates

The human tells me that when humans do bad things, they go before humans who wear robes. Then, if the robe wearing human decides they behaved very badly, they go to a place with many cages. We felines do not like being in cages. I can only imagine that it is worse for you humans.

But some prisoners are getting the chance to do something to improve their lives while they serve their time. Selected prisoners in the Mission Creek Women’s Correctional Center foster cats and kittens from Kitsap Humane Society. Then, when the cats and kittens are ready for adoption, they make the short trip back to Kitsap Humane Society so they can be adopted.

Both felines and humans benefit from this arrangement. The cats get the care they need. And the prisoners, who are carefully selected from the population in the minimum security facility, get extensive training. The training covers a lot of things. Those in the program learn about kitten development, cat behavior, handling and socialization, and cleaning and disinfection.

Most importantly, participants in the program learn about how to care for another living being. They learn compassion.

An Inmate Pets a Foster Cat
An Inmate Pets a Foster Cat

And the prisoners in the program know this. “We definitely made mistakes. I fell this is my little bit of payback I can do,” said one of them. Taking care of the felines will make her a better mother when she is released, she added.

Furiends, I am glad this program is helping both felines and humans. We know that animal rescue groups always have problems finding enough fosters. This program helps with that. And prisoners in the program learn life skills that will help them when they get out of jail.

This is good for both the four legged and two legged creatures involved. I hope to see more of these!

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