Feline Cuddles With Chickens to Keep Warm

Jacey, Koji, and I do not like how chilly it is getting around here these days. The human tells us it is winter, and we should expect it to get cold. Koji and I only go out on the balcony for a few minutes when it drops into the 40s at night. But that is quite warm compared to what a lot of felines living outside must contend with.

The human tells me that in a place called Minnesota, it gets very cold. He told me that it gets even colder than where we used to live, and that white watery things falling from the sky is quite normal. I told him I am glad we live in a place where I can work on my fur tan all year long and not have to endure that cold!

In places where it gets that cold, felines find creative ways to stay warm. That is what one kitten did. This kitten, named Carmel, has been living on a human’s farm since November. The humans welcomed him to their family when she arrived. They saw that he enjoyed spending time hanging out in the back yard.

These humans love their feline, but he does not want to come inside the home. They worried that with the bitter cold arriving he would have a hard time surviving. Fortunately, Carmel is a smart feline.

Carmel With His Avian Friends
Carmel With His Avian Friends

Carmel discovered that the farm’s chicken coop is a warm place to stay. Carmel’s┬áhumans worried when they first learned about this. They did not know if the chickens would accept having a feline companion. But the chickens enjoyed having Carmel join them.

They trust Carmel so much that they even allow him to help keep their eggs warm. Furiends, this interspecies relationship worked out very well! Carmel gets to stay warm, and the chickens have a feline furiend. This makes me happy!

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