Why Felines Chew on Plastic Bags

Because he cares for three bengal cats, the human is used to quirky cat behavior. We run around, open doors and drawers, knock things down, and do other mischievous things. He may not like those things, but he accepts them. There is one type of cat behavior he does not tolerate, however.

Chewing on Plastic Bags is A Dangerous Cat Behavior
Chewing on Plastic Bags is A Dangerous Cat Behavior

The human does not tolerate us chewing on plastic bags. In fact, he keeps the plastic bags in a cabinet that we cannot get to. And if he does not put away a plastic bag quickly enough and we chew on it, he gets annoyed.

One of the reasons the human does not like it when we chew on plastic bags is because they can be bad for our health. It can be a choking hazard to us, and the plastic does not do any good for our stomachs. All humans who have felines in their homes should keep plastic bags away from us.

Why do we chew on them? There are a few reasons. First, remember that we felines are very sensitive to smell. That means when humans bring noms back from the store, if we smell it on the bag, we may try to chew it. Sometimes, this dangerous cat behavior can be explained by problems with our teeth. And that is why going to the humans in white coats is important. The humans in white coats check our teeth during our exams.

Another reason we chew on plastic bags is boredom. Doing this gives us something different to do. Also, since it gets a response from you humans, it can be entertaining for us.

We may also chew on plastic bags because we are anxious. Some humans chew on their fingernails when they are anxious. Chewing on a plastic bag can be the same kind of behavior for us.

The good news is that keeping us from chewing on plastic bags is not hard. If you humans play with us felines, take us to the humans in white coats, and give us enough noms, we probably will not chew on them. Preventing this dangerous cat behavior involves mostly things that are fun!

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  1. Haven´t noticed my boys being interested in plastic bags. Thank God, I should say =). But on the other hand I have them in cabinets that my boys can´t open so that might help… xx

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