Tiny Feline Saved By Human Shopping at Pet Store

Humans adopt felines in many places. In many pet stores, there is an adoption area. But at one pet store, a tiny feline was part of a very unusual cat rescue story.

A human was in line at a pet store, when they saw a group of people gathered around one human and talking to them. This human had found a tiny feline on the road near their home. They were trying to find someone to take the tiny feline, because they did not want to take him to the pound. If this tiny feline went to the pound, sadly, he likely would have been put down.

And the feline at the center of unusual cat rescue story was in bad shape. He was very weak and very skinny. An infection had caused his eye to cake shut and his nostrils to become closed. The poor feline was so weak he could not even meow!

Tom Is Doing Much Better After His Unusual Cat Rescue
Tom Is Doing Much Better After His Unusual Cat Rescue

The human in line decided to complete this cat rescue. They took the feline and rushed to the humans in white coats. It is a good thing they did this, because the tiny feline was close to death. He was in shock, with a body temperature of only 95 degrees. Healthy felines have a body temperature of 99.5 to 102.5 degrees.

The white coated humans took care of the feline, and sent him home with a lot of different medicines. And the kind human who saved him gave him all of those medicines. They gave him lots of noms as well, and he started to recover.

It took a while, but this tiny feline, now known as Tom, recovered from his rough start to life. He is now a happy and healthy feline living in a loving home. And this unusual cat rescue story ended in the best way, with a feline finding a home!

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