Deaf Feline Blossoms In Good Home

I do not know how my fellow felines who live on the streets do it. It has to be very tough. I do not even want to know what it must be like for a deaf and partially blind feline to live without a human to help. But that is what one poor feline had to contend with until a cat rescue group helped him.

Coconut, as he is now known, was a dirty and sad feline living on the streets of Boston. He had bloody and scarred ears, and he would hiss at any human who approached him. One of the humans at the cat rescue group Boston’s Forgotten Felines said “Coconut was a mess.”

The Cat Rescue Group Boston's Forgotten Felines Found Coconut in a Feral Colony
The Cat Rescue Group Boston’s Forgotten Felines Found Coconut in a Feral Colony

Coconut suffered from too many conditions to list. And to make things worse, Coconut had a “nasty attitude.” Still, the cat rescue group trapped him and treated him. Despite the care Coconut received, he still would lash out whenever a human opened his cage, even to give him noms!

Later, the cat rescue group learned the Coconut was partially blind and also deaf! No wonder why he was so defensive and did not trust any humans. The poor feline had to live on the streets without these senses to help him survive.

Coconut went to multiple foster homes, where the humans there endured many swats and bites while they taught him how to trust. It took a long time, but Coconut learned to trust humans. And now, when his foster humans approach him, he shows them how grateful he is.

Now, when his foster human enters, Coconut “hobbles over…to get pets.” That is very different from lashing out at humans who are giving him noms! But Coconut never had anyone show him they cared for him and loved him.

Coconut In His Foster Home
Coconut In His Foster Home

To complete this happy cat rescue story, Boston’s Forgotten Felines must find a home for Coconut. If you are interested in adopting Coconut, please contact Boston’s Forgotten Felines. And share Coconut’s story so that others can learn about how a little love can transform even the meanest street cat!

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