Cat Joins Nursing Home Staff

We felines are very good at letting you humans know what we want. Sometimes, we do this by talking. Other times, we will tap you with our paws. And sometimes, we do this by just walking on in and doing what we want ourselves.

That is exactly what one feline, who is named Oreo, did one day. She wandered into a nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio, and decided that she was going to join the staff.

Oreo showed up on the grounds of the St. Augustine Health Ministries facility one day. She wandered on in, and she decided that she had found her furever home. Oreo kept on coming back to the nursing home, and she won over the hearts of the employees and the patients.

“She’s like the family here. She helps the residents. She helps the employees. And we just love her,” said one of the staff at the facility.

Many of the residents of the nursing home grew up with pets, so it makes them feel good to have Oreo there. “For them to be able to come out and pet the cat and see how the cat is doing” makes the residents happy, said another human.

Oreo Sitting With a Patient Waiting for a Ride
Oreo Sitting With a Patient Waiting for a Ride

And the staff at the facility are very proud of their feline coworker. They carry around pictures of Oreo and love having her around. She has brought a lot of joy into the nursing home. Sometimes, she will sit at the reception desk and help greet people. Other times, Oreo will sit by residents who are waiting for rides. But regardless of what she is doing, Oreo is very grateful to the humans who gave her a home and she returns the favor.

Oreo brings a lot of love and happiness to the facility. She does this to reward the humans who were kind to her and let her stay. And that, furiends, is something that both humans and felines can appreciate!

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