Humans Turn to Felines for Rodent Control

Furiends, some of you may know that the human and I used to live in the Washington DC area before we moved to San Diego. That is why I can tell Jacey and Koji, who are Southern California cats, about what it is like for things to get very cold and about white watery things falling from the sky.

And it is why I am glad that some businesses where I used to live are turning to felines for pest control.

A new organization formed after the Washington Humane Society and the Washington Animal Rescue League merged heard about the working cats program in Chicago. That inspired the Humane Rescue Alliance to create the Blue Collar Cats program.

One of the Felines in the Blue Collar Cats Program
One of the Felines in the Blue Collar Cats Program (Humane Rescue Alliance)

Humane Rescue Alliance had to modify Chicago’s working cats program slightly to comply with local laws. No felines are allowed inside the restaurants. That means these community cats live outside in homes provided by either the business or Humane Rescue Alliance.

So far, nine businesses expressed interest in the Blue Collar Cats program. Six of these businesses will not have any problems with allowing the felines inside, because they do not serve food. The others will have to build homes for the felines outside.

A brewery participating in the program said that they brought the felines on site for “another layer of protection.” They hope these felines will help reduce the cost of their “expensive contract” with a pest control company. In addition, the human in charge of the brewery loved the idea of felines guarding grain.

There are high hopes for this program. The human at Humane Rescue Alliance in charge of this program said “I do expect we will have plenty of cats to meet the needs of potential business partners.”

And that is good, furiends. Businesses benefit from reduced pests. And felines who cannot live inside find homes! That makes me happy.

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