Feline Delays Baseball Game

The human tells me that many of you humans enjoy watching a human hit a ball with a stick. He says that those humans have fast reflexes. Jacey, Koji and I all humor him when he talks about this, but compared to felines, those humans have slow reflexes. Ours are about twice as fast!

Yesterday, a feline decided that it would wander onto the field during a baseball game in Miami. This gray cat wandered onto the field during the sixth inning of the baseball game. He went to right field, and then sat down by the wall, right by the padding.

Humans, including one of the players, walked over to the cat to try to help him. When they got too close, the feline did not like it and ran away. He climbed over the wall and jumped onto the Home Run Sculpture.

This Feline Delayed a Baseball Game
This Feline Delayed a Baseball Game

To get away from people it did not know, the feline climbed into a small hole in the Home Run Sculpture. This should not surprise anyone who knows us felines well. Management of the ballpark saw this, and decided to not operate the sculpture for the remainder of the game. They decided that they would wait until they could check on the feline to make sure it was safe first.

What is funny is that the feline went into the sculpture right after one of the baseball players hit a home run! That means that its timing was perfect, because it went there after it could be safe in there.

Also, the feline ran onto the field on National Pet Day. I am glad you humans have a day where you remind yourself about how fun we four legged creatures are. And I cannot think of a better way to remind many humans of this than running onto a baseball field where thousands of people are.

I hope the feline was found and taken care of after the game. But it would not surprise me if humans went to the sculpture to look for it and found it gone!

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