Firefighters Rescue Human and Feline

Furiends, sometimes, we felines do things that get us in trouble. One of the things we do that gets us in the most trouble is climb trees. This is one of the many reasons that we felines should stay inside, but that is something we can talk about later. And sometimes, when humans try to help felines stuck in trees, they end up needing help themselves!

Sometimes Felines Doing This Get Stuck
Sometimes Felines Doing This Get Stuck

That, furiends, is what happened to a human and their feline in Topeka, Kansas. The feline climbed the tree late one night and got stuck. Their human realized their feline was in danger. So they went to help. They reached the feline, and were set to come down, but they realized they had a problem.

Like their feline, they got stuck. They could not get back down.

Fortunately for them, someone called the fire department. Sometimes, fire departments decline to respond to reports of felines stuck in trees. But in this situation, they had to respond. Not only was a feline stuck in the tree, but a human was, too!

The firefighters arrived on the scene and evaluated the situation. They found both the human and the feline stuck about 16 feet in the air on a large tree. While the human and feline were safe, they were not happy about their situation.

But the firefighters helped them, and soon, both feline and human were safely back on the ground. The human thanked the firefighters, and went back inside with their feline.

One of the firefighters said that this particular incident was unusual because a human was stuck as well as a feline. But, they also said they respond to situations where felines get stuck in trees occasionally.

Furiends, remember that firefighters may not always respond if a feline is stuck in a tree. And even if they will, do you want to risk it? It is best for us to stay inside!

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