Say Hello to Rocket, A Two Legged Cat

If you have been following me for a while, you know that Anakin, who was born with only two legs, is a special needs cat that I admire greatly. This feline shows every day that just because he does not have all four legs, it does not mean he cannot live a happy and fun life.

Now there is another feline in Germany who is showing the same thing. His name is Rocket.

A human in Berlin was feeding felines in a colony they care for when a tiny feline caught their eye. This human went to take a closer look, and Rocket, true to his name, darted away. But this human committed to making sure Rocket got the help he needed. They brought more noms, and with every feeding, Rocket became less shy. After doing this for a while, they were able to get Rocket into a carrier.

Now, you may think this story sounds familiar. After all, Anakin was able to escape from the humans who wanted to help him when they first found him. And Rocket did the same thing. Like Anakin, Rocket can run faster than some of the felines with four legs!

Rocket’s first night at home was not an easy one. He did not like the unfamiliar surroundings, and told his human about this. But his human was determined to care for this special needs cat. “He meowed all night, but I kept him company and talked to him” to calm him down, Rocket’s human said.

Rocket Has Two Legs But He's Enjoying His Life
Rocket Has Two Legs But He’s Enjoying His Life

Soon, Rocket learned to trust his human. He started to display more of his personality and show affection to his human. “He followed me everywhere, and also purred all the time,” they said. And Rocket will hop into his human’s bed at night and snuggle with them.

Just like his fellow two legged cat Anakin, Rocket is thriving and enjoying his life because he got the love and attention he needs. And he shows that for the right human, a special needs cat can be the perfect cat!

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