Reasons Why Cats Vomit

Furiends, this morning, I woke up the human. He and I were both sleeping on the bed, and then I started to make that noise that all humans with felines hate. I started to make the sounds that we felines make before we vomit.

The human did not want me to vomit on the bed, so he picked me up and held me over the sink. I did not like this, and struggled a little. But then when I threw up, I felt better. And then both the human and I went back to bed.

What Does It Mean When A Feline Vomits?
What Does It Mean When A Feline Vomits?

That got me thinking, though. It is why I wanted to tell you about reasons why felines vomit. There are quite a few, and many of them are harmless. For example, we may have nommed too quickly. And if the noms go down our stomachs the wrong way, we sometimes vomit the noms back up.

We also sometimes vomit up hairballs. That is not fun, but it is something that is going to happen when we groom ourselves. And these are usually harmless.

And sometimes, we may have nommed on grass or catnip. Our digestive systems do not handle plants well and that means we may vomit.

But if we throw up a lot, it can be a sign of something dangerous. Vomiting can be an indication of infections, problems with internal organs, pancreatitis, and many other bad things. If the feline in your home is vomiting a lot and doing it more frequently than before, you should talk to the white coated humans.

It may be nothing to worry about, but the white coated humans may find that the vomiting you see is because of a medical condition that needs to be treated.

Usually, though, it is just a mess for you to clean up. And of course, we felines will stare at you until you clean it up!

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