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I am good furiends with Anakin. Kind humans found him and noticed something very unusual about this feline. He had no hind legs! But this feline, despite his missing legs, eluded them when they tried to capture him. Since his days as a tiny feline, Anakin has grown up into a happy and healthy cat. His humans love him, and they love felines.

My Good Furiend Anakin
My Good Furiend Anakin

Anakin told me about a documentary being made about humans who care for felines. It is called The Cat Rescuers. And this documentary focuses on the lives of four humans in Brooklyn, New York who work very hard to save the lives of felines. They also seek to raise awareness of a global animal welfare issue.

New York City has a million feral cats roaming its streets. The City can’t handle the problem by itself. That is why many activists, like the four featured in this documentary, address the problem on their own. They take the to the streets at all hours of the day and night in order to carry out trap, neuter, and return programs.

These humans make personal and financial sacrifices so they can carry out their work. But they do not mind, because they know they are saving lives. The makers of this documentary want everyone to know about trap, neuter and return programs. They hope to inspire others to participate in them.

Before they can do that, they need green paper things. And they are close to their goal of raising $50,000, furiends! It makes sense, because this is for a very good cause. Highlighting how humans can help felines makes me very happy.

Can you spare a few green paper things to help, furiends? If you can, please contribute.  And if you cannot, please share their story so that others can. Both Anakin and I will thank you. Anakin knows what it is like to live on the streets. I do not, but both of us are grateful for humans who help felines who do and we want their stories shared.

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