May 28 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. The human tells me that today is Memorial Day. I hope that you take some time to day to think about the brave humans who gave their lives to protect us. Their sacrifice helped make sure that many humans and their four legged friends get to enjoy their lives!

Right now I am recovering from the second time that the human brought me fleas. He did it when I was a tiny little mitten kitten, and he did it again recently. I was scratching a lot and it cause me to lose a lot of my fur. And I did not like the fleas nomming on my blood, which caused me to lose weight.

I am Relaxing on the Desk By the Catputer
I am Relaxing on the Desk By the Catputer

But the medicine the human gave to me seems to have worked. He has not seen any fleas in a while. And I am not scratching as much. Hopefully I will gain the weight I lost back soon! I am definitely feeling better, because I am sitting next to the human while he types this. And I am purring and even drooling!

My blood sugar readings for this week were pretty much the same as they were last week. For the week, they averaged 169, which is pretty much the safe as the week before. Those readings averaged 175.

The only thing I do not like about my blood sugar readings is how sometimes they are getting too low. The human is also concerned about that. When they drop low, I do not show any signs of hypoglycemia. The only thing that I do is demand noms, but I demand those when it is time for them anyway.

The human does not like those low blood sugar readings, and he will see what he can do to prevent those. Because I lost some weight, he may drop my dosing down for a while. But he will talk to the white coated human first.

I will let you know how this goes next week.

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