Cat Rescue Groups Work to Help Kind Human

Many kind humans try to help felines as well as they can. But sometimes, the humans who are helping the felines become overwhelmed. That is what happened to an elderly human in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

This human did something good. They helped a pregnant cat during Hurricane Matthew. But now, as one of the humans at Second Chance of Orangeburg said, this human now has “dozens of cats and kittens.” The human now is “facing a situation where people are just leaving their cats out in the middle of a country road.” Because this human cares, they do not want to let the cats go hungry and  they are “trying to take care of them.”


The cat rescue group estimates that the number of cats this human is trying to care for has grown to “between 30 to 35 adults and probably 40 to 50 kittens.”

Furiends, that is way too many felines for a single human to care for. And that is why cat rescue groups like Second Chance are stepping in to help.

Two other cat rescue groups, Orangeburg County Animal Control and For Love of a Paw, are working to trap, neuter, and return the adult cats. This way, the population of felines does not grow. And Second Chance is working to find homes for the kittens.

The white coated humans are treating some of the felines. Volunteers will help feed, water, and clean up after the felines. They will also help trap the cats who need to be neutered.

Second Chance needs green paper things to help with the costs of this cat rescue effort. If you can spare some green papers, please contribute to them. And if you cannot, please share this story.

I hope that the human who only wanted to help a pregnant cat gets the help they need. And I hope that the felines in this situation find homes and their situation improves.

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