Let’s Help Heart Find a Home

Good morning, furiends. One of the things I am very grateful for is having a human who is committed to making sure a diabetic cat like me is taken care of. Some humans cannot make that commitment, and that is where Diabetic Cats in Need steps in to help. They help my fellow diabetic cats in so many ways and one of them is helping them find homes.

Heart is one of those felines who needs a home. Diabetic Cats in Need talked about her. And now I will share her story with you.

Poor Heart was living on the streets before someone trapped her and brought her in to the MSPCA of Cape Cod. The white coated humans diagnosed her as diabetic, and gave her special noms to address her disease. The diet worked, and Heart no longer needs to get insulin. Furiends, this feline controls her diabetes through diet alone!

Diabetic Cat Heart Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Heart Needs a Home

If you want to pet Heart, she will gladly accept it but she enjoys being pet gently the most. And when you hear she is nine, you will think she is not too active but that is not true. You will find my fellow diabetic cat batting her toys around the room and chasing them, and playing with the red dot.

Too many humans see Heart and like her, but then when they hear she is a diabetic cat they do not adopt her. Heart has been living in the shelter for months, and she really needs a home of her own.

If you give heart a proper introduction to felines already in the home, she will get along well with them. She gets annoyed at canines and small children, so she will have to go to a home without them. Heart needs a calm home where she can show off her fun personality.

Can you help find Heart a new home? If you cannot take her in, please share her story. And if you can bring this diabetic cat home, please contact MSPCA of Cape Cod to let them know.

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