Lucky’s HART Helps Feline Get Surgery

I have never sniffed a feline who lives near where I used to. His name is Lucky. But he and I have become very good furiends. Lucky, you see, was tortured by an evil and cruel human. He recovered because the kind humans at HART of Northern Virginia helped him through a very difficult time. I was able to share his story, and because of this, he and I became furiends. And now, he is thriving.

Two felines arrived at HART, just like Lucky did, because they needed help. One of the felines was perfectly healthy. Another, named Tulip, has a very unusual disease. She had a polyp in her nose, and the polyp will increase in size as she grows. To help Tulip thrive, humans in white coats must perform surgery. And of course, surgery requires many green paper things. But HART always sees things through, and they committed to caring for Tulip.

Lucky's HART Helped Tulip
Lucky’s HART Helped Tulip

Many kind humans heard about Tulip’s plight, and they wanted to help. So during the Do More campaign, where contributions were matched, they helped HART raise over $53,000. Furiends, this is a lot of money. And it means that felines like Tulip and Lucky will get the care they need!

I am glad that the white coated humans will provide Tulip with the surgery she needs. And I am glad that there are so many kind humans who want to help felines like Lucky and Tulip.

Do not forget, furiends, just because HART received the funding they needed does not mean they cannot use more green paper things. And there are also many other organizations, both big and small, that can use your help.

If you can give green paper things to these organizations, please do. Think of felines like Lucky and Tulip who need you to help them. Without your help, wonderful organizations like HART cannot help these felines.

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