Cat Rescue Group Helps Special Need Cat

It takes longer for a special needs cat like me to find a home than other cats. I cannot blame any human for this. We require extra attention, and if a human does not feel they can give this to us, it is the smartest and best thing to do to allow someone else to take us home.

That is why a special needs cat named Benny found himself waiting in the office of a white coated human looking for a home. Benny, along with his four feline siblings, lost their human. Kind humans took home the other four felines. But many humans who saw Benny did not feel comfortable taking him home.

You see, Benny is blind and has a condition called hydrocephalus, which is a buildup of fluid in the brain. Poor Benny waited patiently, hoping for someone to tell the white coated humans that they wanted to give him a furever home. That day never came, so the white coated humans contacted cat rescue groups to see if they could help.

One day, the kind humans at Milo’s Sanctuary gave the white coated humans the good news. They were going to take in Benny. And now, Benny is in his Lifetime Care Foster home.

As a special needs cat, Benny requires frequent trips to the humans in white coats. He has to get subcutaneous fluids, because he does not drink on his own. And in some ways, this special needs cat is like me. He needs to get frequent blood tests. But my blood tests can be done at home. Benny needs to go to the white coated humans for his. He also needs to eat special noms.

Special Needs Cat Benny In His Foster Home
Special Needs Cat Benny In His Foster Home

Benny does not let all of this slow him down. This blind feline jumped on a cat tree all by himself to take a nap!

I am very proud of my fellow special needs cat. And I am so glad that Milo’s Sanctuary gave him a home. If you want to help with green paper things to take care of Benny, please contribute. And share his story, so that others learn about us special needs felines!

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