June 25 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, everyone. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings. I do not have the normal number of blood sugar readings to tell you about, because the human was away. Koji was nervous when he saw a different human come to give us noms. And instead of talking like he normally does when he gets noms, he was silent.

A Feline Getting an Insulin Shot
A Feline Getting an Insulin Shot

I recognized the human who came in to give me noms and to give me my insulin shot. This human used to work at the white coated humans where I used to go. But now they have another job and the human does not see them there.

Still, they love felines and were missing interacting with us since they do not have a feline at home. So they agreed to help the human by giving me my insulin shots and noms. And while they will receive green paper things for it, they said they also got paid by getting to spend time with Koji and me.

It was good to see this human, but I did not like being away from my human for a few days. He came back, like he always does. And both Koji and I were happy about this.

Now that you heard about my adventures, let me tell you about my blood sugar readings. For the week, they averaged 208, which is down quite a bit from the 240 we saw last week. And I am much happier about this than the readings we saw last week. You see, last week, my readings were getting too close to a point where they could be dangerous over a long period of time. Not this week.

Hopefully, having the human around all week and not having a human who I do not know well give me insulin will keep my blood sugar readings at a good level. I will let you know next week.

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