Penelope Suffering From Broken Heart Syndrome

Furiends, the white coated humans do not learn about broken heart syndrome when they go to school. But the white coated humans, after getting some practical experience, learn what it means. And so do the kind humans who care for felines at cat rescue groups.

This happens when a feline or canine, typically an older one, arrives in a shelter and realizes that they have lost the only home they have known. They learn that they will never see the humans they have loved. This shocks them and makes them sad. And sadly, some felines in this situation start to shut down. These felines hide in the corner, do not interact with other humans, and stop eating.

And furiends, when we felines stop eating, it can be very dangerous. If we do not nom, we often develop hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver disease. This disease requires extensive treatment to recover from, and if we do not start to nom after treatment, it will come right back.

That is what happened to a feline who was returned to Michigan Cat Rescue. Penelope was so happy when she went home with a human two years ago as a kitten. She enjoyed her life with her human, and she thought she was going to live with that human for the rest of her life. Sadly, this was not the case.

Penelope’s human returned her to Michigan Cat Rescue. The reason? They were concerned that Penelope would scratch the leather sofa in their new recreational vehicle.

Penelope From Michigan Cat Rescue Is Suffering From Broken Heart Syndrome
Penelope Is Suffering From Broken Heart Syndrome

Penelope is heartbroken. Even though the kind humans at Michigan Cat Rescue try to tell her she did nothing wrong, she is very sad. She will not play with the kind humans. That would be okay, but she is not nomming. The white coated humans told Michigan Cat Rescue there is nothing wrong with her medically. Penelope is just very sad and hurt.

I hope that with the love the kind humans at Michigan Cat Rescue shows, Penelope will recover. She is a young feline, and she deserves the chance to thrive. And when she recovers, I hope she will find a home where they do not care more about the furniture than the living and loving feline in the home.

Please send healing thoughts to this poor feline. She needs them. And for the human who abandoned Penelope, I hope they will someday receive the same treatment they gave to Penelope.

4 Replies to “Penelope Suffering From Broken Heart Syndrome”

  1. If I lived in the US, I would take her immediately. Beautiful soul. Hopefully Penelope will understand someday, that she really is better off living away from her former owner, as they really are morons. Fingers crossed the new sofa is infested with bugs.

    1. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if the new sofa was infested with fleas! Then the evil human who dumped Penelope would sit on the sofa and suffer from all the bites.

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