July 16 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. I hope you are all doing well. The human is better today. He went to the white coated humans, and they gave him antibiotics to help him. You see, when I bit him on Friday, I gave him a wound that got infected. And now, he needs some help to fight off the infection.

The Human's Hand After I Bit Him
The Human’s Hand After I Bit Him

We felines can cause a lot of harm when we bite you humans. We typically cause puncture wounds with our sharp teeth. And that means that bacteria from our mouths goes deep into your skin. These puncture wounds often do not bleed a lot, which means that the bacteria is not washed out of your body.

You should not panic if a feline bites you. If you can wash out the wound and it is not very deep, it will probably be okay. But you should go to the white coated humans if the wound is deep. And you definitely need to visit the white coated humans if the area around the wound starts to swell, turn red, or becomes painful.

But enough about wounds we felines inflict on humans. Now let’s talk about my blood sugar readings.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 178. That is almost the same as the week before, when they averaged 175. We like blood sugar readings in this range. The human does not worry about me getting hypoglycemic at these levels. And he does not worry about my blood sugar levels being so high that complications will develop if they stay there.

Furiends, it is always a challenge for humans to keep a diabetic cat’s blood sugar levels under control. But I know the human works very hard to make sure mine stay that way. This is something that makes me happy, furiends, even though I need to sometimes give the human a swat or bite!

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